What to Pack for a Trip to a Golf Tournament

7 essentials you need to pack for a golf travel experience.

The thrill of watching your favorite PGA player sink an amazing shot live and in person can’t be beaten — especially when you have access to exclusive seating and five-star hospitality. But you’ll want to spend at least a little time preparing so you don’t wind up like a golfing Goldilocks: too hot, too cold, or with sore feet and a sunburn.

Superior Executive Services offers a wide variety of luxury travel experiences to professional golf tournaments, including the Players Championship, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and more. Our number one goal is to help you plan for the perfect golf getaway.

Here are our curated suggestions for what to pack for a trip to a golf tournament to ensure optimal enjoyment:

  1. Appropriate attire
  2. Comfortable shoes
  3. Sun protection
  4. Rain protection
  5. Essential extras
  6. Small, security-approved bags
  7. Golf gear

Keep reading to learn more about what to pack for a trip to a golf tournament!

Appropriate attire

These are high-end tournaments, and the gallery is expected to dress accordingly. Think “smart casual” — modest, tasteful, but also comfortable. Choose neutral colors and avoid loud prints.

A sundress, capri pants or slacks, and a sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse are good choices for women. Avoid graphic t-shirts, spaghetti straps, jeans, yoga pants, or anything else that’s tight-fitting, low-cut, or too bright. For men, a golf shirt or button-down paired with khaki pants or crisp shorts are terrific options. You’ll want to avoid t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, and gym shorts.

Consider the weather forecast and dress in layers. Choose a cardigan or windbreaker that you won’t mind carrying when temperatures rise during the day.

Comfortable shoes

You may end up walking thousands of yards across an 18-hole course, so comfort is key!

Flip-flops are a “no” (far too casual), as are stiletto heels (far too painful). For women, try closed-toed sandals with arch support, nice sneakers, ballet flats, or, if you must add some height, wedges that won’t get stuck in the grass. Men will want a subtle low-top sneaker (no flashy colors) or a sporty non-slip loafer or boat shoe. Leave your golf spikes at home (or save them for playing a round on your own).

Sun protection

Don’t let the heat get to you. Bring broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours. A lip balm containing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is also recommended. A broad-brimmed hat or fedora (for women) or golf cap (for men) paired with sunglasses is a classy and practical way to top off an outfit and block the sun.

Rain protection

Of course, heavy storms or the threat of lightning will pause play. But you might still run into muddy conditions or light rain. Small umbrellas without sleeves are permitted at most tournament sites; check PGA TOUR regulations for details. The course may also become quite muddy after a storm, so consider packing a cute pair of rain boots to keep your feet dry.

Essential extras

Though you are limited as to what is allowed at PGA TOUR events, there are some things you might want or need throughout the day. Consider bringing with you:

  • Binoculars (without a case)
  • Any medications you might need during the day
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (see above)
  • Umbrella or a change of shoes (see above)

It’s always a good idea to review the TOUR’s list of prohibited items while packing. While some spectators may also opt to bring snacks or eco-friendly water bottles, you won’t have to worry about that if you’re booking your golf travel package with Superior — our hospitality options include plenty of food and beverages! 

Small, security-approved bags

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to stow the above items. Measure your carry-in bag before you leave home, or you might risk being turned away at the gate.

PGA TOUR rules prohibit carrying in bags larger than a small purse (6″ x 6″ max). Carrying cases, backpacks, camera bags, and chair bags are prohibited. You can use a clear plastic or vinyl bag up to 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or a one-gallon clear resealable plastic bag. Medically necessary bags and diaper bags are allowed but will be inspected.

Golf gear

If the professional players inspire you to hit the greens, you might want to bring your own equipment along for the trip. Don’t forget:

  • Durable, easy-to-carry club covers or case
  • Your favorite golf apparel
  • A day bag for essentials and extras
  • Golf shoes and socks
  • Water bottle
  • Towel, gloves, and other accessories

Ready to book your golf travel experience? The Superior Executive Services team of experts can help you choose the right tournament for your preferences, considering any COVID-19 postponements and protocol. Count on us to meticulously arrange all logistics for you, from luxury accommodations and private transportation to VIP passes and hospitality at the event. Get started today by connecting with us online or calling us at 608-665-9070.

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