FAQs for First-Time Attendees of VIP Sporting Events

Here’s what to expect from your first Superior sports event.

If you’ve got one of Superior Executive Services VIP sporting events as part of your travel plans for this year, you’re in for an exciting, luxurious time. But you may have questions about the event itself or, if this is your first time at the Kentucky Derby or Masters Tournament, questions about what to bring or wear. That’s why we’ve created this FAQ guide!


Some of the world-class events our team travels to have specific dress codes, transportation logistics, or things to consider if you’re traveling with a client or corporate group. Whatever your case may be, check out the list below of some of our frequently asked questions for first-time VIP event attendees.


How will I get to the event?

Great question! For most of our VIP sporting events, you’ll have a private driver in a luxury SUV or, if you have a bigger group, a large passenger van (or several). We encourage clients to opt-in for this service as many of the larger events draw quite a crowd; rideshare options may not be available, and it can be difficult to try and coordinate two or more vehicles and parking in a busy city.


When you have one vehicle with a private driver for all your needs, you’ll be able to travel with your group in VIP style and have your car ready and waiting for you the moment you need it. Plus, you’ll be able to use this vehicle for any of your activities, additional excursions, dinner reservations, airport transfers, and just exploring the city you’re in.


What attire should I bring?

The dress code varies depending on which VIP sporting events you attend. For example, at the Kentucky Derby, everyone is dressed to impress! You’ll see men in suits and women in dresses and fascinators or hats. If you’re attending the Oaks the day before the Derby, the tradition is to wear pink, regardless of your gender. For more questions and tips on what to wear to Churchill Downs, check out our guide here.


For the Masters Tournament, Augusta National has some pretty strict policies on what you should bring, what to wear, and most importantly, what not to bring. You’ll want to wear nice golf attire or similar — no jeans! Comfortable walking shoes are a must, and you’ll also want to leave the phone at home. When you travel with Superior, we’ll have a secure coat check for you to leave any belongings you wish (or need) to stay behind. For more FAQs on the Masters, check out our guide here.


For other events, make sure you bring the right clothing and shoes — you may be walking around an F1 paddock or sitting in a sunny Skybox at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Whatever your event, bring a few options for rain or shine and make sure your phone is fully charged if you have virtual tickets to your events!


What should I do to entertain clients or potential clients?

If this is your first time bringing clients or potential clients to VIP sporting events, you’re already on the right track! It’s a great time to bond on things outside of work and get to talk business with their undivided attention. If you have questions on how to prepare for their trip, ask our team. We’ll have different recommendations based on what you’re hoping to get out of the trip.


We have a guide on some top tips for entertaining clients, but our team is also happy to create a custom itinerary for your corporate outing.


If you’re attending a VIP sporting event as a guest for the first time, make sure you’re following all the rules and guidelines put in place by your company or the hosting company. You’ll also want to make sure you’re following the rules of the golf course, stadium, or venue you’re at as well.


What if I run into an issue during my VIP sporting events?

While our team makes every effort to make your event the smoothest experience possible, sometimes unforeseen events happen. That’s why our team is there with you, 24/7! We’ll be there onsite to help if any questions or issues arise and will be there to quickly and effectively solve any problems that occur. Our team is ready to answer your questions at any point in the process and look forward to making your VIP event one to remember.


If you have any other questions, reach out to our team today! We’re happy to create a customer itinerary or event package that suits your custom VIP sporting events needs.


If you have any questions about a previously booked event, please reach out to your sales representative.

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