3 Top Travel Mistakes to Stop Making in 2024

Travel like a pro with these tips from our team.

We’re all guilty of sometimes sabotaging our own enjoyment when it comes to traveling or trip planning, and while it’s usually unintentional, it’s also very avoidable.

At Superior Executive Services, we’ve been helping people experience some of the world’s most exciting events and travel destinations for years, so we’ve seen our fair share of the top travel mistakes — and we’re here to help you avoid them.

It’s good to set those New Year’s resolutions early, so here are the top travel mistakes we recommend you try to stop making in 2024:

  1. Doing everything yourself
  2. Waiting until the last minute
  3. Relying only on public transit or rideshares

Read on to learn more about these travel mistakes and, most importantly, how to avoid them!

Doing everything yourself

Even if you’re someone who loves researching and planning trips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere new or with a large group. Using a dedicated travel expert like Superior Executive Services means avoiding the stress and overwhelm that often come with planning a vacation by yourself.

This is especially true if you’re hoping to get tickets to an event like the Kentucky Derbythe Masters or another massively popular event with limited tickets. Our team at Superior has industry connections and ticket packages not readily available to the public. With Superior, you can be as involved or hands-off as you like with the planning process. This way, you’re in control but won’t feel burnt out before the trip even begins.

Waiting until the last minute

Because trip planning can be so overwhelming, it can be tough to know where and how to start, so, inevitably, you put it off. And days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, and all of a sudden, you’re planning to leave in a few weeks, and nothing has been booked or reserved. Don’t panic, though — Superior can help!

Of course, the more time we have to plan your trip, the better, but even if you’re in a time crunch, we can still help you plan a fantastic trip. Waiting until the last minute does mean you may have to forgo certain activities or may not be able to stay at your preferred hotel. Depending on the size of your group and your preferred destination, we recommend starting the planning process four to six months ahead of time.

Relying only on public transit or rideshares

If you’re hoping to avoid renting a car at your destination, it can be tempting to just rely on public transit or ridesharing, but this can be a huge gamble. If you’re traveling to a popular event like the Kentucky Derby or Lollapalooza, public transit will likely be overcrowded, and rideshares will be in high demand. When you work with Superior, we can arrange private ground transportation to accommodate your whole group. No need to worry about train delays or surge pricing!

Start 2024 on the right foot with less stress and more relaxation. Contact us today at 608.665.9070 or send us a message to get a head start on your 2024 travel planning!

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