4 Reasons to Plan Your Summer Corporate Event Now

Get a head start on ensuring a fantastic travel experience for your team.

There are countless benefits of hosting a corporate travel retreat, and there’s truly no better time to round up your team and show them how much their hard work means to you than the summer months. But when should you start the planning process?

That’s a question our team at Superior Executive Services gets a lot, and considering how many moving parts can be involved with corporate travel planning, our answer is always the same: as soon as possible. Starting to plan your summer corporate event now can pay off with benefits including:

  1. Getting your first choice of destination and activities
  2. Reserving time on calendars
  3. Handling transportation logistics
  4. Avoiding last-minute stress

Ready to learn how planning your summer corporate event with Superior now can make your job a little easier in the long run? Keep reading!

Getting your first choice of destination and activities

When you book an event early, especially when you have a large group attending, you’ll get your first choice in tickets, seating, restaurants, and accommodations. Booking well in advance allows you the opportunity to see all available options and make the right choice for your group.

It also allows your corporate group to stay together! When you work with Superior, we can book off an entire floor of your luxury hotel or get you a suite at the Kentucky Derby, music festival, or any other event so that you and your group can enjoy the experience together in a private area.

Reserving time on calendars

When planning a summer corporate event, it’s important to remember you’ll be working around people’s schedules. The further in advance you can commit to set dates, the more likely all attendees will be able to clear their calendar or schedule and make the event. Plus, it’s good business practice to give your attendees enough notice so they can plan around important meetings or their own personal PTO.

Handle transportation logistics

Getting transportation for a large corporate group can be a bit of a challenge; that’s why we will set it up for you! Whether that’s a large coach bus for your summer corporate event or a smaller van, we’ll make sure your group rolls in VIP style to each event, excursion, and restaurant on your list. By planning this now, you can ensure that your entire group can ride in style and avoid the hassle of parking and traffic around large events.

Avoid last-minute stress

Another huge benefit to booking your summer corporate event well in advance is avoiding any last-minute stress or confusion. When you can set the itinerary months in advance, there’s more time to change direction or shift the schedule around if something unforeseen occurs. Plus, when your trip is booked and finalized, you won’t have to worry about it anymore! With Superior, we take that stress away from you; we’ll create a custom travel plan for your corporate group so you won’t have to worry about logistics or planning.

For more ideas on where to take your team for a summer corporate event, check out this list of top luxury destinations for corporate travel. Our team at Superior Executive Services is ready to help you plan the perfect summer corporate event for your group; contact us today for more information!

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