What Successful Corporate Entertainment Can Do For Your Business

We’ve all heard the cliche “work hard, play hard”. The very fact that we have all heard it is a testament to just how important it is—which is also to say: we all need and value good work-life balance. It’s essential to our jobs, our lives, and our well-being.

As an employer, it’s important to acknowledge this, not just through words but through clear and resounding actions. When you signal respect and gratitude, you encourage your employees to keep up the hard work and continued improvement. If you value your employees, let them know, because happy, content employees are better for everyone.

At Superior Executive Services we have perfected the art of corporate entertainment. We don’t simply aim to entertain our clients—your employees in this case—we strive to give our clients the kind of world-class services that sticks with them for years to come. We do this through all-inclusive packages to prestigious sporting events, like the Kentucky Derby, the Masters, and through luxury golf vacations.

Whether you are looking to reward your top executives or your whole staff, making them a part of a Superior Executive Services itinerary is a sure way to express your gratitude and subsequently receive a great return from your employees.

Here are some of the effects you can expect when you reward your employees with a trip planned and executed by Superior Executive Services.

Build Relationships

Workplace relationships are typically already strong, especially in situations where you have mostly veteran employees. Day to day, they rely on and trust each other. Their bond has been fused by hard work and shared goals. However, sometimes it take an outside of work gathering to really solidify bonds. It takes an opportunity for them to relax and socialize in an environment free of stress, work, and any guilt they may feel from being overly socially minded while at work.

Boost Morale

After building stronger bonds and taking the trip of a lifetime, you can rest assured that morale will be soaring. When morale is high you can expect an increase in productivity. You might find employees coming in early and staying late without being asked, simply because they enjoy their workplace. Additionally, when employee morale is high, you can expect to see heightened levels of creativity, which can be perfect for generating new ideas. It can also lead to a reduced number of absences—low morale employees are more likely to look for a reason to take off rather than dragging themselves to work.

Reduce Stress

Having a whole trip planned specifically for the purpose of relaxing and having fun is a dream respite for overworked, stressed employees. Creating this opportunity for your employees can replenish their energy levels and significantly reduce their stress. Additionally, rewarding them with a trip to a prestigious event reinforces your belief in them. It shows that you value their work, causing them to feel secure, calm, and confident in their work—i.e. not stressed.

Decrease Turnover

When you have happy employees who feel valued, respected, and fairly compensated, they are not going to want to look for other job opportunities. And in today’s job market, it’s important to retain good talent once you have it. By showing them your appreciation through rewards, like a personally tailored trip, you can do your part to make sure they stick around. Additionally, the longer you have employees typically the better they get at their job. Plus, who wants to waste time training new employees and waiting for them to truly integrate into your company?

Get Better Output

When you combine all of these post-trip effects—stronger relationships, higher morale, low stress, and committed employees— the result is, of course, better output. And better output is ultimately what is going to impact your bottom line and create growth from top to bottom.

Being able to have fun and let loose, so to speak, is the perfect way to recharge your employees’ batteries. Show your top earners that you value their work through world-class entertainment. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Masters, Kentucky Derby, or another premium event, Superior Executive Services will create and execute a trip that will truly wow your employees.

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