Top 5 Vail Activities in the Winter

The holidays can be stressful. The traveling required to see family can wear some folks out. We get it. Sometimes, you need a vacation from the stress of spending the holidays with your extended family.

What better way to vacation than to tuck into a mountain resort with a cup of hot cocoa and the light patter of snow falling on a skylight? If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the Rocky Mountains, consider booking a mountain getaway through Superior Executive Services.

One of the most magical locations to vacation is Vail, tucked deep into the Rockies. We will be discussing the top five activities you won’t want to miss if you’re in Vail this winter and you aren’t too busy drinking hot toddies or cocoa in bed.

Snow Sports

There is a little something for everyone in this category. Whether you’ve never seen snow before or you’ve been shredding powder since you were a baby, Vail has opportunities for everyone. If you are looking for lots of thrills, consider snowboarding one of the black diamond runs. If this is your first time stepping in the snow, try snow biking or sledding — we promise, it is tons of fun! Regardless of what you do, Vail Mountain has recreational opportunities for all.

Food and Beverage

For a long time, Vail has been known as a foodie destination. There is an incredible amount of choice in the town of Vail, and there are few options that will disappoint. Be prepared to shell out money on food, and be prepared to walk away very satisfied. In addition to restaurants that use fresh, sustainable ingredients to create beautiful dishes, breweries are serving up local libations that are perfect for any post-skiing treat. There are also some incredible hot chocolate choices in Vail. Each resort serves up its own version of the winter-time classic, so be sure to take the time to sample each one. (Of important note is the Sebastion Vail’s hot chocolate at $17. It is unforgettable!)

Hot Springs

If you’re still having issues getting rid of that tension in your lower back from your mother-in-law nagging you, consider visiting Iron Mountain Hot Springs. If you’re looking to rest, restore, and rejuvenate, there is no better way to do so than by soaking in a hot spring. Hot springs in the winter are the perfect counterpoint to the anxiety-inducing holidays spent in cramped kitchens and the din of dining rooms.

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

If you want some intense, high-altitude, botanical adventures, visit the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in the winter. It will be less crowded, and these gardens are incredibly beautiful year-round. The maintenance staff does not maintain the paths, so it can be a bit tricky moving around the gardens; however, there are various snowshoe activities that happen throughout the week. Don’t be afraid to try something new and wander in the majestic beauty of these mountain gardens. If you happen to take a tour, you’ll learn plenty about the flora and fauna of Vail.

Dog Sledding

Seems kind of crazy, right? As a way to relax, you’re thinking of letting a team of ravenous huskies drag you around a treacherous winter path? Actually, it is much more relaxing than that. Let the pros handle the dogs while you are peacefully whisked along the trail by kind, friendly, well-behaved huskies! Dog sledding is a unique opportunity that allows you to see Vail’s beautiful trails without the exhaustion of cross-country skiing.

If you are looking for that perfect winter vacation before, during, or after the holiday season, consider booking an unforgettable trip through Superior Executive Services. We strive to give you the best mountain getaway vacation experience possible.

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