Hidden Gems of the Aspen Area

If you’re thinking of vacationing during the winter, why not go to an actual winter wonderland? What’s not to love about snow, relaxation, and holiday cheer? Even if you or your family aren’t into skiing, there is something for everyone in Aspen, Colorado. To book an unforgettable vacation experience in Aspen, visit Superior Executive Services today. Our luxury travel agency will make sure your vacation is incredible and relaxing every step of the way.

If you are considering Aspen as a winter vacation destination, you should know about some of the hidden gems that are nestled in this Rocky Mountain snow town. While we could go on and on about the skiing, we are mostly focusing on activities off the ski runs.

Glenwood Springs

While Glenwood Springs has tons to offer in terms of recreation, the hot springs are out of this world. If you are looking for a relaxing, luxurious experience, there is nothing like soaking in a hot spring in the dead of winter. Be sure not to miss this hidden gem located outside of Aspen.

The soothing mineral waters in the natural hot springs will restore and rejuvenate your body and soul. The waters in the springs contain a menagerie of minerals, including calcium, manganese, iron, boron, phosphate, and zinc. The feeling of being submerged in warm spring water when it is freezing outside is a refreshing and restorative feeling!

While the drive from Glenwood Springs can be restrictive for some, there are many different travel options for navigating the mountain roads. Remember, if you’re booking a trip through Superior Executive Services, the transportation will be handled by our dedicated staff, making sure you have a relaxing, enjoyable trip.

Wheeler Opera House

When the sun sets early and all the holiday lights are up in town, there is no better place to catch a movie or concert than the Wheeler Opera House. This historic stone building was built in the 1890s by one of Aspen’s early developers, Jerome B. Wheeler. The building was one of the first of its kind with electricity west of the Continental Divide, and the Wheeler Opera House has some historic chandeliers to show for it.

If you want a slice of history along with your entertainment, be sure to visit the Wheeler Opera House. Whether you want to see a local band play in the auditorium or catch a cult-classic movie, the Wheeler Opera House is the perfect place to spend a wintery evening in Aspen. Visit their website to check upcoming shows and movie screenings.

John Denver Sanctuary

Just beside the crisp waters of the Roaring Fork River, the John Denver Sanctuary stands as a tribute to the legendary singer and songwriter. Regardless of whether you enjoy the music of John Denver, this sanctuary is absolutely stunning and peaceful.

Besides being one of the largest perennial flower gardens open to the public, the man-made wetland sanctuary works as an innovative stormwater filter system. The beautifully designed gardens also feature John Denver quotes carved onto stone. While the John Denver Sanctuary is harder to get to in the Winter, definitely visit this magical place if you can. Just remember to park at a nearby parking garage, as there is no public parking near the sanctuary.

If you are looking for other John Denver related attractions, be sure to pay respects to the musician by visiting his shrine on top of Aspen Mountain. Located off of Bellissimo Trail, the shrine was erected shortly after his death in 1997. The modest shrine is decorated with his picture as well as trinkets and mementos.

Aspen Mountain

I know we weren’t going to talk too much about skiing and snow sports, but being on Aspen Mountain is a truly unique experience. The views are beautiful and there are few places in the world that have such an alpine feel.

One of the best ways to experience everything Aspen and the surrounding area has to offer is by booking a trip through a luxury travel agency like Superior Executive Services. Our team is dedicated to customizing your experience to fit your every need. Never go on vacation again without the curated guidance of Superior Executive Services’ luxury travel agents.

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