Tips for the Masters

At Superior Executive Services, we love the Masters—its tradition, history, excitement, and atmosphere. Perhaps the only thing we love more than the event itself is putting our clients at the heart of this experience and accentuating their trip with unrivaled hospitality and services.

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your bucket-list experience.

Attend The Practice Rounds

Not only are the tickets for the practice rounds cheaper and easier to get, but attending the practice rounds gives you a unique opportunity to marvel at some of the world’s greatest golfers, take in the stunning allure of the course, and watch retired legends like Jack Nicklaus play. If you go, be sure to check out the par-three contest and watch players try to make the green on hole #16 by skipping across the pond.

Bring Your Camera To The Practice Rounds

Part of what makes this legendary golf tournament so prestigious and special is that it has a lot of long-standing traditions. One such tradition is that no phones and cameras are allowed during the tournament. However, this is not true during the practice round days, for cameras. During this time, ticket holders are permitted to snap photos of their favorite golfers, which is an opportunity you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Also, don’t forget to make your way down to the clubhouse and take an iconic selfie in front of the famous yellow flowers. It’s the perfect way to  ommemorate this bucket-list experience.

Don’t Miss Out On The Food

We often say that the Masters is a sporting event unlike any other event in the world. We say this because we believe it. The Masters is truly amazing. If you haven’t been, one thing you will likely be (pleasantly) surprised of is the food. Not only is it good—especially their famous pimento cheese sandwich—but it is remarkably cheap. This is because Augusta National rarely raises concession prices. This means you can get a delicious meal for under $5. At that price, why not sample it all?

Join The Festivities

Although Augusta, Georgia, is a sleepy southern town, it comes alive during the week of the Masters. To truly celebrate the tournament, take part in some of these local festivities. From outdoor concerts to VIP parties to golf-themed drink specials, there are plenty of opportunities to have a seriously good time.

If you partner with Superior Executive Services to arrange your Masters golf package, you will receive access to our five-star hospitality club, Club Magnolia. This high-profile club is an executive playground, offering live entertainment, gourmet food and drinks, seven themed bars, putting greens, and it’s all located within walking distance of Augusta National Golf Club.

Buy A Chair

One tip often passed down by Masters veterans is to get a chair. While people are often generous sharing open chairs beside them, it sure is nice to have the freedom of planting your own chair anywhere behind the ropes. The chairs can be purchased from the store on the Augusta grounds for around $30.

Bring Rain Gear…And Sunscreen

What can we say, spring in Augusta can be a bit unpredictable. People often say that you can count on one day of the Masters being cold, one being hot, and one being rainy. Don’t let this erratic weather spoil your experience. Bring sunscreen, wear layers, and get quality rain gear—not a thin poncho that leaves you wet and shivering.

Call Your Special Someone From Amen Corner

Although phones are not allowed on the course, there are phones behind the grandstands at Amen Corner. If you really want to make your golf friends jealous or just want to say a special hi to a special someone, give them a call.

Walk The Entire Course

The Augusta National Golf Club is a beautifully manicured course. Make sure you see as much of it as you can. We understand that if you somehow snag a prime spot on hole #2, #16 tee, or #18, it can be hard to leave this situation, and maybe you shouldn’t. But do make sure that you see as much of the course as possible, whether it be from walking the course during a practice round or moving around during one of the tournament days. Do keep in mind that the course is much hillier than it seems on TV. Wear your comfortable shoes and be prepared to move.

Don’t Go Too Hard

The beer in Augusta is cheap, and with all the fun, golf-themed drinks it can be easy to have one too many. Not to mention, if you are staying at a luxurious hospitality house (like one of the ones we at Superior Executive Services offer) guests are often supplied with as much alcohol as desired. Though you certainly want to kick back, relax, and make the most of the experience, don’t overdo it. Nothing is worse than witnessing a historic moment in golfing history and not being able to truly remember it.

Book Your Trip With Professionals

Tickets to the Masters are often considered to be among the hardest to get for a sporting event. If you are going to spend the money to get these prized tickets, don’t you also want to ensure that you have a luxurious trip? We think so. This is why when you book a trip to the Masters through Superior Executive Services, we promise a luxurious experience for you and your guests. Included in your trip to Augusta is a stay at a gated-community home of your choice—which we will stock with food and drinks of your choosing—access to our hospitality club, and unrivaled treatment and hospitality on our part.

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