Fun Facts about the Masters and Augusta National

Believe it or not, we’ve made it halfway through winter. That’s a fact that’s almost worth celebrating in and of itself. However, here at Superior Executive Services, spring means more than warm weather. It means that one of the best golf tournaments in the world is also around the corner. Yes, we are, of course, talking about…the Masters!

Below are Some Fun and Interesting Facts About the Masters

  • Ike’s Pond Is Named After General Eisenhower. The Three-Acre Pond Is A Manmade Pond With A Dam And A Natural Spring.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Is The Only President To Be Given Club Membership.
  • Club Membership Is Only Offered. It Is Never Given To Those Who Ask.
  • There Are Ten Cabins Located On The Grounds Of Augusta National Golf Club. These Cabins Were Built To Serve As Private Lodgings For Members And Their Guests. One Of The Cabins Is Actually Dedicated To Former President Eisenhower Because It Served As The Place Where He And His Wife Would Stay When They Visited The Course.
  • From 1934 To 1945, The Master Tournament Was Not Played. This Is Because The Course Was Turned Into A Place To Raise Turkey And Cattle To Support The War Effort.
  • No Amateur Has Ever Won The Master Tournament.
  • The Driveway That Leads To The Clubhouse, Known As Magnolia Lane, Is 330 Yards In Length And Is Lined With More Than 60 Magnolia Trees.
  • The Iconic Crow’s Nest That Sits On Top Of The Clubhouse Is Actually Available As Living Quarters For As Many As Five Amateurs During The Tournament.
  • Never Has The Winner Of The Par-Three Tournament Also Won The Masters Tournament In The Same Year.
  • The First African American Member Of The Club Was Admitted In 1990.
  • Each Hole On The Course Is Named After A Plant Or A Shrub. For Example, Tea Olive, Pink Dogwood, Flowering Crab Apple, And Azalea Are All Names Of Holes At Augusta National.
  • The Green Jacket Tradition Began In 1937 After The Jackets Were Purchased From New York’s Brooks Uniform Co So That The Patrons Of The Course Could Easily Find Members Who Would Have All The Needed Information.
  • The Television Network CBS Has Had The Rights To Broadcast The Tournament Since 1956.
  • It Wasn’t Until 1949 When The Green Jacket Was Given As A Part Of The Award Ceremony.
  • Until 1983, All Of The Participants Were Not Permitted To Use Their Own Caddies. They Had To Use Caddies Provided By The Club.
  • In Honor Of The Four-Time Masters Winner, A Plaque Of Arnold Palmer Is Affixed To A Fountain Behind The Number 16 Tee.
  • The Champion Of The Tournament (And Also Winner Of The Green Jacket) Is Allowed To Take The Jacket Off The Premises For A Year, And After That, It Must Be Returned To The Clubhouse.

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