4 Things You’ll Find in One of Our Luxury Home Rentals

Discover the difference private accommodations can make for your travel experience.

A girl from Kansas with ruby red slippers once said, “There’s no place like home.” But her home probably didn’t have a fully stocked fridge, an inground pool, or a washing machine!

The ease and comfort of staying in a home rental, versus a hotel, during a vacation can’t be overstated, particularly if you’re booking with Superior Executive Services. Here are just a few of the amenities you’ll find in one of our luxury home rentals.

  1. Fully stocked kitchen
  2. Private chef
  3. Ample space (for work and play)
  4. Washer & dryer

Fully stocked kitchen

Imagine opening the refrigerator upon your arrival and seeing it filled with your favorite snacks, sparkling water, wine, and more — what a treat! No need to worry about finding a grocery store or shopping at your destination — just tell us your favorite foods and beverages, and we’ll have them stocked before you arrive.

You’ll be able to request specific items for the duration of your stay and can even have customized gifts waiting for your VIP clients upon their arrival. One of the benefits of having a luxury home rental is the availability and amenities — you’ll be sure that your home is fully stocked and ready for your arrival at the specified time.

Private chef

With a fully stocked kitchen, you can make your own snacks or meals at your leisure without waiting for room service. Or you can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals! We can arrange for a private chef to come to your home rental and create gourmet meals using the freshest local ingredients for you and your group.

Ample space (for work and play)

No need to double up in a room, sleep on an uncomfortable pull-out sofa, or stress about trying to book another hotel room last minute — with a luxury home rental, we’ll find a house that is ideally suited to your needs. Unlike a hotel, a house will have a living room, dining room, and plenty of outdoor space to relax with your group. If you’re visiting a warm-weather locale, we can make sure your house has a well-appointed pool, perfect for sunbathing or swimming laps. If you’re hoping to mix a little business with your relaxation, we can also find a house with a fully equipped home office and/or conference room.

Washer & dryer

Doing laundry in a hotel, if it’s even an option, is often an expensive inconvenience that can take far longer than just a few hours. With a washer and dryer to use at your leisure, you can pack more efficiently and be assured to have clean clothes on your timeline.

At Superior Executive Services, our staff has nearly 45 years of combined experience in the travel industry and can find the perfect private home accommodations for your group. Contact us today at 608.665.9070 or send us a message online to start planning!

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