Event Spotlight: The Superbowl 2018

There are 32 teams in the National Football League. Combined, the total value of these 32 teams is $62.9 billion, which comes out to an average value of $1.97 billion a team. This number is nearly as much as the MLB and NBA combined. In short, it would suffice to say that the NFL is one of the best and most ubiquitous businesses in the world. It only follows that their championship, the Super Bowl, is one of the biggest, most elite sporting events in the world.

At Superior Executive Services, we understand the prestige and magic of this big event, and we want to bring that experience to our clients. We are a sports marketing group specializing in tailoring and executing itineraries for companies looking to wow their clients or reward their employees with all-inclusive packages to renowned sporting events. From arrival to departure, our team of professionals goes above and beyond to provide unrivaled corporate entertainment and hospitality. Check out our packages!

Interested in learning more about the Super Bowl? Here is a short introduction to the Super Bowl and why it’s referred to as “The Big Game”.

The History

For over 50 years, the two best teams in the league have gathered in front of a packed stadium to duke it out. Originally, this historic game took place in January, but since the 80s, the game has been played on the first Sunday of February. The game’s rich history has included incredible comebacks, wins from underdogs, and jaw-dropping performances from football legends like Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, Smith, Elway, Brady, and more.

The Tradition

From Roman numerals to the celebratory “I’m going to Disney World”, the Super Bowl is full of long-standing traditions. Though it was nowhere near as big 40 years ago, the halftime show has become a key part of the game’s tradition, so much so that, for some people, it eclipses the actual game. Similarly, the commercials that air during the showdown—which can cost around $2.5 million for a 30-second spot—have become a unique tradition that gives the event a high-stakes aura.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the big game is like no other. Knowing the stakes, the electricity of the halftime show, and the fact that an average of 100 million people are watching at home makes the event a truly prestigious event. In fact, it’s so captivating and unique that it’s able to turn non-football fans into fans. In addition to the game and the halftime show, the big event also includes entertainment, activities, player appearances, and an all-around fun-for-all experience.

The Luxury

For some, having a ticket to the big Sunday showdown is luxurious enough. However, at Superior Executive Services, we go beyond this and aspire to tailor an all-around luxurious experience for our client.

With such a history and prominent place in our culture, it’s easy to see why the Super Bowl is such an amazing event and an absolute must-see for football fans and non-football fans alike. Take your corporate event planning to the next level, and wow your key clients or employees with an unforgettable trip.

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