What to Pack for a Musical Festival Travel Experience

Prepare for a rocking good time with this packing list!

Nothing says summer quite like live music outdoors! Music festivals are an essential part of summer, but it may have been a few years since you last attended one.


If that’s the case, or you’re a first-time attendee looking for some guidance on what to pack to have a great experience, we’ve got you covered!


Here are our tips on what to pack for a music festival to ensure you have an incredible time:


Small bag

A small bag that you can easily wear and carry will be a lifesaver to hold all of your essentials — phone, wallet (cash, credit cards), sunscreen, sunglasses, and festival passes, to name just a few. Ideally, you’ll want a bag that zips or has some closure to secure your belongings as well.


Check with your festival’s security regulations before buying a bag, as they might require clear bags for entry!


Comfortable shoes

While you might be tempted to wear ultra-trendy platforms or a brand new pair of strappy sandals, comfort is the name of the game at a summer music festival. This doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personal style at the same time, though! We just recommend breaking in your shoes ahead of the big day to make sure your feet are ready for lots of walking and, of course, dancing.


Rain gear

Check the forecast leading up to the music festival and if there’s even a chance of rain, plan to bring a small umbrella or a raincoat or poncho that’s easy to fold. Hope for sunshine, but better to be safe than sorry when determining what to pack for a music festival!



 On that same note, it’s important to keep yourself protected when the sun is out as well! Bring along plenty of sunscreen and plan on reapplying it regularly. Better yet, add a fun hat and sunglasses to your outfit to add some extra protection from the sun’s rays!


Extra layers

Summer weather can sometimes be a fickle friend. It may be 80 degrees and sunny in the afternoon, but when the sun sets, there can be a chill in the air. Bring a light sweater or jacket so you’re not shivering through the evening performances.



Food at music festivals is notoriously pricey, and long lines could mean you’re waiting 45 minutes for soggy nachos and end up missing your favorite act. Many festivals will allow sealed food to be brought into the venue but check with the concert organizers first. If you can carry in your own food, get small, high-protein snacks like granola bars and trail mix that will fuel you for hours of rockin’ out!


Cell phone

Hard to imagine forgetting this vital piece of technology that’s become a lifeline for just about every person on this planet, but it’s worth mentioning. In addition to snapping pictures and keeping in touch with your fellow festival-goers, you may be using your phone to store your tickets and for payment throughout the festival. If possible, bring a portable phone charger as well. This might be the most important thing to pack for a music festival experience!


Your energy

Now, this isn’t exactly something you can pack, but you’ll want to make sure you’re plenty well-rested and hydrated before the festival so you can have an truly unforgettable and fun experience!


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