4 Ways Corporate Group Travel Benefits Employees

Give your team a well-needed break with a corporate getaway.


The term “work-life balance” is thrown around a lot these days, and with June being Professional Wellness Month, it’s a great time to let your employees know how much you appreciate their hard work. A corporate retreat or trip to reward top performers can do wonders for improving employees’ wellness, motivation, and drive when you return to the office.

Corporate group travel benefits employees in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Relax & unwind
  2. Show appreciation
  3. Team bonding
  4. Getting on the same page

Keep reading to learn more about these reasons to invest in corporate group travel!

Relax & unwind

Giving your employees some well-deserved and much-needed time away from the daily grind will ensure that they’re rested and refreshed when it’s time to get back to work. The opportunity to recharge has noted medical benefits as well. According to a Psychology and Health study, employees who vacationed more frequently were less likely to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome.

Show appreciation

Taking the time and effort to plan a trip shows your employees that you value their work and appreciate their contributions to the organization. While small tokens like gift cards and office lunch parties are great, a larger gesture can be more meaningful and have a longer-lasting impact on your team as a whole.

Team bonding

Employees may not get much time outside of the office to get to know or connect with their co-workers, and a trip is a terrific opportunity to encourage that. Particularly if yours is an organization with many different departments or office locations, a corporate getaway gives people a chance to get acquainted without video calls and emails. Knowing the person behind the email address will help employees feel more bonded and provide for smoother communication.

Spending time with co-workers in a more relaxed environment can also build what Harvard Business Review refers to as “psychological safety.” Psychological safety means feeling free to speak your mind without fear of judgment or retribution. That feeling can carry on when you return from your corporate group travel and encourage more open communication and collaboration across your teams.

Getting on the same page

It’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines and forget the big picture; a company-wide trip can be an excellent chance to take a step back and regroup. While we recommend allowing plenty of time for rest and relaxation, you can certainly schedule a few team meetings to discuss work-related topics. This can really help employees at all levels and from all departments refocus on a shared set of goals (with the benefit of a beautiful backdrop or exciting event to keep everyone motivated).

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