The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Travel

Consider these do’s and don’ts when planning your next corporate outing.

Our guide to corporate travel is perfect for companies looking to entertain key clients or reward employees.

What better way to show appreciation for your key clients or top-performing employees than to invite them along for a unique getaway, especially once COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed and travel is safer?

Superior Executive Services simplifies corporate travel so you and your guests can focus on building relationships and having an amazing time. We take care of everything, from arranging luxury accommodations and access to exciting events to making sure the details — snacks and beverages, dining reservations, private transportation — are all accounted for. 

With nearly 45 years of combined experience in the travel, hospitality, and sports industries, our team of experts has developed this guide to corporate travel to help with your planning and preparation:

  1. Do plan for an extraordinary experience
  2. Don’t forget to consider demographics
  3. Do use corporate travel as an opportunity to build relationships
  4. Don’t allow for bad behavior
  5. Do consider chartering a flight
  6. Don’t waste time searching for hotels
  7. Do stay connected
  8. Don’t blow your budget
  9. Do demand outstanding customer support

Keep reading our guide to corporate travel and prepare for your company’s next travel excursion!

Do plan for an extraordinary experience

Superior specializes in unforgettable travel opportunities that will make a lasting impression on your clients and employees. Why host a business meeting in a nondescript hotel when you can entertain at the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, or CMA Fest?

Don’t forget to consider demographics

At the same time, it’s important to consider your audience. Not everyone is a sports enthusiast or enjoys loud music. Think carefully about the type of entertainment that your clients or employees will enjoy most. (For more on this, read our blog: Avoid these Common Corporate Entertainment Mistakes.)

Do use corporate travel as an opportunity to build relationships

Business travel is a great chance to build deeper professional relationships with clients and colleagues. When you leave the conference room behind to have fun, you can learn more about one another and make genuine connections that will last long after the vacation.

Don’t allow for bad behavior

When you leave the office, it can be easy to slip into the vacation version of yourself. While having fun is a perk of corporate travel (and can benefit business relationships), it’s important to behave professionally and comply with company policies on harassment, discrimination, and substance abuse. Be cautious about what you post on social media, as well.

Do consider chartering a flight 

There are many advantages to booking a charter flight, especially when traveling with a large group. You’ll have more flexibility and the convenience of skipping long lines and possible delays. Chartered flights also offer a private, luxury experience where you and your clients can get to know one another better.

Don’t waste time searching for hotels

There are so many hotel options in any given destination, and searching for the right one can be frustrating and time-consuming. Superior has access to a variety of deluxe accommodations (think: upscale homes in premier gated communities, beachside resorts, and five-star hotels). We also know the best location to stay so you aren’t hours away from your event, delicious dining, and other fun activities.

Do stay connected

Your clients and colleagues will likely want to check in with the home office and even catch up on some work during any downtime in your itinerary. Superior can ensure there’s easy-to-access WiFi, onsite business centers, and other tools to keep you and your guests connected.

Don’t blow your budget

It is possible to plan corporate travel without breaking the bank — we guarantee it. Superior will work with you to choose a getaway that falls within your business’ budget expectations. We can also prepare a customized travel package or enhance your trip with add-on experiences like VIP passes or tickets to exclusive events.  

Do demand outstanding customer support

Superior offers dedicated service throughout your travel planning process and during your trip. We’re here to help with any problems should they arise on your trip, thanks to trusted contacts and onsite staff at events.

The options for corporate travel are endless, from golf travel packages and culinary events to customizable experiences uniquely tailored to your business and clients. We’re ready to help with your corporate travel plans. Contact us at 608.665.9070 or online.

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