Tips for Traveling with Clients

Learn the do’s and don’ts of entertaining clients outside the office.

Traveling with a client or potential client is an exciting opportunity to get to know them better, deepen your professional relationship, and even help seal any potential deals between your companies.

However, traveling with clients is sometimes not as relaxing or straightforward as your typical travel experience. You can make the experience enjoyable for everyone with these helpful tips from the Superior Executive Services team!

Do: Plan your itinerary

A business trip is not the time to fly by the seat of your pants. Even if your client is laidback and easygoing, it’s smart to sketch out an itinerary for each day. It’s also helpful to have one itinerary for you with all of the details and another itinerary with just the need-to-know information for the client. That said, you know your client best and whether they prefer to have all the information or just the essentials. This will help you stay organized and ensure the day’s meetings and activities run as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, if you’re visiting the client’s home city, take some extra time and research the area — sports teams, popular restaurants, and famous landmarks. This shows the client you’re willing to go the extra mile in all areas.

If you don’t have time to put together an itinerary and handle the details, consider having our team at Superior Executive Services handle that part for you!

Don’t: Rush through packing

This tip applies to all travel, but certainly more so in business travel. Know what the weather will be at your destination and plan for all contingencies. It’s one thing to forget your flip-flops on a family trip to the beach, but it’s quite another thing to spill coffee on the only suit jacket you packed and have to wear a t-shirt to a shareholders meeting.

Do: Have a point of contact

If an unexpected issue arises during travel with a client, it’s essential to keep your cool and solve the problem as soon as possible. Having a reliable, competent point of contact is an absolute must.

At Superior Executive Services, we do everything in our power to ensure trips go smoothly and seamlessly, but there are occasions where unavoidable issues can arise. If this happens, your dedicated support staff will work quickly and diligently to get you moving and back on schedule.

Don’t: Forget about logistics

Make sure the logistics are covered well in advance of your trip. Even once the big items (flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.) are covered, think through the smaller (but also important!) items too — for instance, check to see if anyone in your group has a food allergy or dietary restriction.

Make sure the restaurant reservations are booked, catering for meetings is ordered, meeting space is booked, and anything else you need to do for a flawless client trip.

Superior Executive Services excels in the details, and we would be glad to help plan your next corporate trip to a world-class event like the Masters or Kentucky Derby. Contact us today at 608.665.9070, or send us a message online to get started!

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