6 Tips for Traveling with a Large Group

Help your next large group trip run smoothly with these pro tips.

Traveling with a large group is an excellent opportunity to get friends, family, or colleagues together all in one place to make lifelong memories and have amazing adventures. Still, it can also be a logistical headache with many competing schedules and preferences.

Make sure your large group trip runs smoothly with these tips and suggestions:

  1. Group discounts
  2. Have a schedule
  3. Set a budget
  4. Allow for solo time
  5. Book a rental home
  6. Assign a leader

Read on to learn how to make your next time traveling with a large group a breeze!

Group discounts

Many hotels, ground transportation companies, attractions, and even airlines will offer a discount if you’re booking for a larger group, so as you plan the various aspects of your trip, inquire about any group discounts they may offer.

Have a schedule

Check with the other members in your group for how they anticipate the flow of each day — activities in the morning and relaxing evenings at your accommodations or leisurely days with late dinners and dancing the night away? No need to schedule everything down to the minute, but it’s a good idea to get a sense from the group of how they’d like to spend the trip and accommodate accordingly.

Set a budget

Before booking anything, make sure everyone in the group agrees on an estimated budget for lodging, food, activities, and any other shared expenses. The last thing you want spoiling a good time is being blindsided by an ultra-pricey bill at the end of the trip!

Allow for solo time

Make sure to allow for some unstructured solo exploration time so people can see or do things that might not interest the whole group. This also allows everyone to recharge in their own way.

Book a rental home

Depending on the size of your group and your needs, it may be worthwhile to rent a house or condo instead of booking several hotel rooms. You’ll have more privacy and amenities that are difficult to get at a hotel, such as a kitchen, laundry facilities, and even a private pool. Having extra space and amenities is vital when traveling with a large group.

Assign a leader

It’s important to have one designated person who is responsible for the organization of the trip and is able to delegate tasks to others as needed. Better yet, Superior Executive Services can be that leader! We’re an experienced team, and we’re well equipped to handle all aspects of your trip from start to finish.

Let Superior Executive Services take the stress out of planning and traveling with a large group! Contact us today or give us a call at (608) 665-9070 to get started.

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