5 Tips for Choosing Corporate Entertainment

Regardless of whether it is an office party or a large corporate gathering, event planning is hard work. In addition to finding the right time, the best food, and the most fitting venue, you also have to pick the perfect entertainment—if, of course, it’s that kind of event.

When you get all of these decisions right, typically the event is a monster success. However, just as good food and entertainment can take an event to the next level, bad food and poor entertainment can make your event a disaster.

In today’s blog, we at Superior Executive Services are going to focus on just one of the elements of event planning—entertainment. As leaders in corporate hospitality and entertainment, we understand the ins and outs of corporate event planning and how to make an event a success. Specifically, we do this through tailoring and executing one-of-a-kind trips to some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, like the Masters and Super Bowl. View our sports packages here, and contact us for more information.

Read on to learn about some of the things to keep in mind when booking corporate entertainment for your next event.

Know Your Goal

All big events begin with a plan, and the key to any plan is to first have a defined goal. This should be the first step you take when looking for corporate entertainment. Is your goal to educate? Or to purely entertain? If it is to educate, then you likely won’t want to make entertainment a large part of the event. Rather, you will want to use some form of entertainment as a way for your attendees to take a break and relax.

On the other hand, if your goal is to create a memorable, entertaining evening, then make sure you do just that. Inviting performers, taking a trip to amusement parks, and surprising your employees with an exclusive trip to the Kentucky Derby are all potentially excellent options.

Know Your Audience

An essential part of determining the event’s goal is to know the audience. Without having a good understanding, you are merely guessing—and with so much at stake, you don’t want it all to be riding on a hunch. Once you have defined your goal, you can then begin to tailor the perfect solution. For example, if you’re wanting to reward a few key employees—who also happen to be huge sports fans—why not take them to a world-class sporting event? If this is something that sounds like the perfect option for you, check out our sports packages.

Know Your Budget

Though corporate entertainment is an investment that can have great returns, exceeding your budget and spending more than you need to can have devastating consequences. Before beginning the search for the perfect corporate entertainment, know how much you can afford. This will not only help narrow the search, but it will also give you set parameters for negotiating.

Know What’s Included

After you have found a potential entertainer, make sure you ask them what’s included in their fees and packages. Though some companies will practically advertise this information, some will withhold information, leaving you vulnerable to hidden fees. At Superior Executive Services, for example, we strive to lay out all the details of our packages and offer our clients unrivaled treatment and hospitality—which to us means, taking care of virtually every logistical step from the moment our clients arrive until they depart.

Know Your Entertainers

Ask for testimonials and reviews from your entertainment providers before agreeing to anything. If part of their package entails corporate travel services, for example, request model trips, itineraries, and ask what type of clientele they have served. If they are not forthright with this information, be wary. People who provide exceptional hospitality and entertainment have the reviews and ability to prove it to you. Though it’s hard to guarantee that the entertainment you get for your event will be exciting and worth your money, you can get a good idea by reading their reviews and assessing their offerings.

If you are an event planner looking for corporate travel services or entertainment, be sure to keep the above-mentioned list in mind. If you are interested in rewarding your employees with a company retreat or a trip to a spectacular sporting event, consider Superior Executive Services. Need tickets to the Kentucky Derby or Masters? We’ve got you covered! Need luxury accommodations while you are there? We can take care of that, too—we’ll even stock the fridge with your favorite foods and drinks.

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