The Superior First-Timers’ Guide to Attending the Masters

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The Masters is arguably the most well-known and loved golf event in the PGA tour (and for a good reason). From its stately, manicured greens, prestigious clubhouse, and time-honored traditions, there’s a lot to learn, explore, and love about this event! Attending the Masters is an experience you won’t soon forget, but it can be a lot to take in if this is your first time in Augusta.


Whether you’re traveling with our Superior team or not, here are some of our do’s, don’ts, and must-try events in Georgia to get ready for this year’s event!


Leave the cell phones at home!

This may come as a surprise to first-time Masters attendees, but cell phones, pagers, and cameras are strictly forbidden on tournament days. Penalties for violating this rule are severe, and you’ll be removed and banned from the grounds. That’s not an ideal way of attending the Masters for this first time! Instead, we recommend you leave your phone in your hotel or home rental, so there’s no chance of accidental mistakes.


Make sure to take a photo in front of the clubhouse

The exception to the rule above is to take a picture in front of the clubhouse, by the Augusta flag flowerbed. This is one of the only spots you’ll be able to capture a photo memory of your time at the Masters, so make sure you grab one! Masters personnel will take your photograph with their devices, and you’ll be able to access it later.


Try one of the famous pimento cheese sandwiches

Even with your luxury VIP hospitality badge, if you’re a die-hard Masters fan, you may want to pop down to the general course admission for a pimento cheese sandwich. These are just about as classic as the green jackets themselves, and sticking with tradition, they’re still only $1.50.


The rest of the time, you’ll have access to Club Magnolia, which hosts the best luxury food and beverage options on the grounds. Make sure to explore these chef-curated meal options as they’re sure to impress!


Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

A day at the Masters can be a long day, and you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible! Dress comfortably but nicely, and make sure you bring a pair of shoes that can handle some walking as you meander around the grounds and course. There is a lot to explore, and the steps can add up quickly!


For more tips on what to pack for a trip to a golf tournament, check out this blog post.


Don’t run or move chairs

Another key Masters rule for everyone attending the tournament is to never run and to never move other’s chairs, even if no one is sitting in them. It’s yet another time-honored tradition that is observed very carefully. If you’re sitting in the clubhouse or designated seating, this may not impact your visit, but it’s crucial to be civil, courteous, and observe the traditions of Augusta National!


Bring a few key items for comfort

When attending the Masters for the first time (or any time you end up going to Augusta!), bringing a few key items for comfort can really elevate your experience. Make sure you wear or bring sunscreen to prevent any unwanted and painful sunburns. You may also want to bring a hat, visor, or sunglasses to keep the sun off of your face as well.


Another good idea is to bring a pair of binoculars so you can see action on a few different holes during the day without having to move around!


Keys to attending the Masters

Essentially, when you’re at Augusta National, it boils down to being respectful, honoring the traditions, and having a great time watching the most famous golf event in the world! If you want to do a little more reading before you attend the Masters, check out our Masters FAQs here, or read more of our Masters tips here.


Want to experience this time-honored tournament in person in 2024? Check out a sample package here, and contact our team today to get on our waitlist for next year!

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