9 Surprising Facts about the Masters

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  1. The Masters is an invitational tournament. You will never hear the word “championship” by those involved. The championship-level matches are The U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA. Technically, the winner is not the “champion” of anything. Speaking of forbidden language, when you attend the Masters, you will never hear the words “fans,” “bleachers,” or “sand traps.” Instead, expect to hear “patrons,” observation stands,” and “bunkers.”
  2. To golf professionals and fans alike, the grounds of Augusta National are hallowed. From the beauty of the April flowers to the perfectly manicured greens, the course at Augusta National is a sight to behold. Patrons are well aware of this beauty, and almost all of them tend to have a reverence for the course and the event.
  3. To join the club, it is reported that there is an initiation fee of $37,500 required. There is also an annual fee required, but this exact number is unpublished. Rumors report that it is under $100,000, which for a club of this prestige is considered a value. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are both members of the course, and unsurprisingly, they also happen to be the richest members.
  4. Each green jacket costs around $250 to make and it takes about one year to produce. This can amount to quite the profit for those members who choose to sell their jackets. In 2017, a member’s jacket sold for $139,349 and in 2013, Horton Smith’s green jacket was auctioned off for a whopping $682,000.
  5. The patrons of The Masters are known for their respectful behavior. Case in point, unlike other golf tournaments, at the Masters you won’t see signs reminding spectators to please be quiet. This is largely because the level of understanding and respect patrons have for the game of golf and the prestige of the Masters is unrivaled. Additionally, this mentality is enforced by the leadership. For instance, more than 40 years ago, CBS announcer Jack Whitaker described the scene around the green as a “mob.” Because of this comment, he was not invited back to commentate.
  6. For over 62 years, CBS has been broadcasting the Masters. When millions of viewers tune in to watch the Masters, they are pleased to find a lack of commercials. On average, there are only four minutes of commercials for every hour of the telecast. To join the limited number of select sponsors, it is rumored that it requires more than $6 million to get official ad time.
  7. In October of 1983, President Ronald Reagan was playing at Augusta National as a guest when his round was cut short by a disgruntled local, Charles Harris, who crashed his truck through the gate and demanded to speak with the president. Before he was subdued by Secret Service agents, he held hostages for two hours in the pro shop.
  8. Located just above the main clubhouse is the Crow’s Nest. In this area, amateurs are permitted to stay for the Masters week. This idea was spawned by Bobby Jones and it caught on rather quickly. Of the youngsters who have stayed in the Crow’s Nest, eight of them have won a green jacket – Nicklaus, Aaron, Watson, Crenshaw, Stadler, O’Meara, Mickelson, and Woods are all among the list of amateurs to sleep in these exclusive bedrooms.
  9. Augusta National was once home to the Fruitland Nurseries. During its time, it was one of the most successful horticultural sites in the South. Fruitland had millions of peach trees in the 1800s and 1900s, and they are partly why Georgia became famous for sweet peaches. Though these peach trees are long gone, the Berckman’s home (founders of the nursery) still remains on the Augusta National property.

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