The Masters: Frequently Asked Questions

The Masters truly is a special event. Not only is it considered to be one the most prestigious sporting events in the world, but it is also considered to be a bucket-list event for both golf fans and non-fans alike. It’s a tournament rich with tradition, history, excitement, and beauty, and it’s also one of the few international sporting events that is relatively untouched by the commercial forces that have diminished the integrity of similar-sized events. To learn more about this special event, check out this list of frequently asked questions.

Who Created the Masters?

In 1933, the Masters was created by the legendary amateur golfer, Bobby Jones, and investment dealer, Clifford Roberts. The first Masters took place in 1934.

Who Won the First Masters Tournament?

The first-ever winner of the Masters was Horton Smith. In addition to winning the 1934 Masters, he also won the tournament again in 1936. 2019 Masters Packages

How Did It Get Its Name?

Initially, the tournament was called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, but in 1939, Roberts finally convinced Jones to call the tournament the Masters — in reference to the “masters of golf” who participate in the tournament.

How’d the Masters Become so Popular?

Part of the success of the tournament is due to the popularity of co-founder Bobby Jones. The rest of its success is a testament to the unique culture, atmosphere, and integrity that Augusta National has preserved.

Is the Masters a “Major”?

Somewhat surprisingly, the Masters is not a championship tournament. The only three majors are the U.S. Open, The Open, and the PGA.

Why Does the Winner Get a Green Jacket?

The tradition of awarding the winner a green jacket is a throwback to the early days when the Augusta National members all wore green sportcoats, making themselves easily recognizable if fans had questions. In 1949, they decided to award the winner with a green jacket. The rest is history.

Can I Play in the Masters?

Unfortunately, you cannot. There are 19 categories to get invited to the Masters and let’s just say, all of them require some serious golfing chops and acknowledgment. Similarly, becoming a member of Augusta National Golf Club requires an invitation. There is no application.

Why are the Holes Named After Flowers?

The property where the Masters is held used to be a nursery, containing thousands of imported flowers and trees. In honor of this beginning, all of the holes are named after a type of plant.

Who Has the Record for the Lowest 72-Holes?

The lowest record (18-under 270) is held by Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.

Who Has Won the Masters The Most?

Jack Nicklaus has won the Masters six times — two more than anyone else.

How Much Moola Does the Winner Take Home?

The Masters purse is similar to the three majors. The 2017 Masters winner, Patrick Reed, for example, earned $1.98 million.

How Can I Get Tickets to the Masters?

Tickets to the Masters are limited, so limited, in fact, that it has earned a reputation for being one of the hardest tickets to get in sports. If you want to attend this one-of-a-kind event the superior way, you need to partner with Superior Executive Services. We have Masters packages that can be as general or as custom as you like. Every detail of our extravagant Masters packages is handpicked to ensure that you receive the Superior treatment from arrival to departure.

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