4 Reasons to Experience the Triple Crown Races with Superior

Our horse racing packages allow you to experience all three races in total luxury.

The Triple Crown, comprised of the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, and the Kentucky Derby, is one of the most coveted titles in the horse racing world. Add in the fashion, fanfare, and glamor, and these races make some of the most thrilling sporting events of the year!

If attending the “most exciting two minutes in sports” (aka the Kentucky Derby) isn’t exciting enough for you, we have four more reasons for you to experience all of the Triple Crown races with Superior Executive Services’ luxury horse racing packages!

Our top package perks include:

  1. Premium access to the most exclusive seating
  2. VIP hospitality with luxury food and drink
  3. Logistics and transportation included
  4. Add-on packages available tailored to you and your group

If this sounds like the ideal way for you to experience any (or all!) of the Triple Crown races, keep reading for more details on these luxury horse racing packages.

Premium access to the most exclusive seating

If you have a specific seating location in mind — say, a premium table in Millionaire’s Row for the Kentucky Derby — we can make that happen! When you work with Superior, you’ll have access to the best tables and seats to view your preferred race. We have different table options available to fit your group size, from a small group all the way to a large corporate gathering.

If you’d like seats closer to the action, we can make that happen too! We have contacts in the industry that can secure your preferred seating option no matter which of our luxury horse racing packages you decide on. Check out this blog for more details regarding each race’s venue!

VIP hospitality with luxury food and drink

Along with premium seating comes luxury food and drink options! The Triple Crown races all boast top-shelf drink options and high-end, chef-created culinary masterpieces. While you’re at the races, try a mint julep or black eyed-Susan from one of the VIP hospitality locations. You may find a new favorite drink from your Triple Crown experience!

Logistics and transportation included

When you book one of Superior’s luxury horse racing packages, you won’t have to worry about the details; in fact, you won’t have to worry about anything at all! With our team of experts (with over 40 years of combined experience), your trip is going to be smooth and, most importantly, requires no logistics or planning on your part! We handle lodging, can include a driver with a luxury SUV, and will plan out any additional reservations or inclusions you’d like for your customized Derby, Preakness, or Belmont experience.

Add on packages available tailored to your group

In addition to your preferred Triple Crown event (or all three!) you’ll have the option of including add-on events or days around the big day itself. This could be anything from catching a Broadway show in Manhattan when you’re in town for the Belmont Stakes, spending a day on the Bourbon Trail after the Kentucky Derby, or rounds of golf for you and your group wherever you happen to be.

Whatever your group would prefer, we can make it happen! If you need more ideas for things to do around the Triple Crown events, get in touch, and we can create something completely unique for your group’s horse racing packages.

With all these great reasons to attend the Triple Crown races, what are you waiting for? These luxury horse racing packages go quickly each year, and for good reason; you’ll be celebrating some of the most exciting minutes in sports with the best! If you need more information, check out this blog on what to bring to a Triple Crown race or get in touch with our team today to book one of our horse racing packages.

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