Quiz: Do You Need Help With Your Corporate Travel Planning?

Learn when it’s time to bring in the planning pros!

Traveling with colleagues or clients can be a fantastic way to create a great first impression, foster relationships, share ideas in a relaxed environment, and break out of the daily office grind.


But before you can enjoy the benefits of traveling as a team, you need to tackle a not-as-fun part of the process: corporate travel planning. Handling all of the different moving parts and logistics of any corporate trip, big or small, can be a challenge. Luckily, the professional team at Superior Executive Services is here to free up your time and take the guesswork out of corporate travel planning!


If you’ve been holding off on bringing in outside help in planning travel experiences for your organization, we’ve created this quick quiz to help you decide if now is the time to contact the pros.


Is corporate travel planning your primary job responsibility?

A. Yes, my main job is planning travel for our organization!

B. Travel planning is a big part of my job, but I have other responsibilities as well.

C. No — I have a different job entirely, but travel planning got added on.


How does corporate travel planning make you feel?

A. Great! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when my team’s trip goes off without a hitch.

B. Fine — I can handle it, but it can get a little stressful at times.

C. Overwhelmed!


Does your company travel to entertain clients?

A. Not really; we’re more focused on corporate retreats.

B. Sometimes, I plan a mix of corporate retreats and client trips.

C. Yes, most of our trips revolve around impressing key clients!


What’s your least favorite part of corporate travel planning?

A. Picking a fun destination that will impress everyone!

B. Handling curveballs while the team is on the road.

C. Everything.


How often does your team travel to different destinations?

A. We really just have one main destination we stick to for our trips.

B. We like to switch between a few destinations, depending on if the trip is employee- or client-focused.

C. It always seems like we’re traveling somewhere new!


How big are the groups you typically plan for?

A. They’re pretty small — just a few clients and leadership team members at a time.

B. Medium size, usually around 10 people.

C. Big! When our company travels, it’s usually with a group of 20 or more.


Time to tally up your answers and see if it’s time to bring in the corporate travel planning pros!


Mostly A’s – You’ve Got This Handled

You’re a corporate travel planning whiz, and you’ve got everything under control! If you ever want to shake up your company’s destinations with a world-class event, or if you start planning for larger groups, Superior Executive Services is always here to help when you need us.


Mostly B’s – You Could Use a Hand

You’ve got a pretty good handle on your corporate travel planning, but it never hurts to have an experienced team in your corner. If you want to really impress your team or clients with a trip to a high-profile sporting event or music festival, get in touch with our team!


Mostly C’s – It’s Time to Call The Pros

Corporate travel planning is stressful; we get that! If your company’s travel needs are growing or you simply don’t have enough time in your day to plan the unforgettable trips your team and clients deserve, Superior Executive Services is here to help. We’ll handle all of the logistics, from securing event tickets to booking accommodations and taking care of any issues that arise during the trip. Just get your team to the destination, and we’ll take it from there.


No matter what level of corporate travel planning help you need, the team at Superior Executive Services has the connections and years of experience to make the process go smoothly and impress everyone in your group.


If you’re looking for a corporate travel planning partner, check out our suggestions on what to look for when hiring a travel agency and these FAQs about our travel planning process. When you’re ready to create an unforgettable travel experience for your team and clients, contact our team online or at 608.665.9070.

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