Quiz: Build Your Own Vacation Package

Create your dream vacation and we’ll recommend a Superior package to bring it to life!

When you’re not sure where you want to travel, where to stay, or what activities to add to your itinerary, it can feel a bit overwhelming to begin planning a vacation.

Let the pros at Superior Executive Services help you narrow down your options with this fast, fun quiz! Just keep track of your answers and add up the total of each letter you have at the end to find your ideal travel experience match.

Ready to get started and build your own vacation package?

1. What’s the most important aspect of a vacation for you?

a. Having delicious meals with a great group of people

b. A good mix of being active and being entertained by watching the professionals

c. Relaxation and a steady supply of tropical beverages

2. Once you arrive, how would you like to travel around your destination?

a. Private car, ideally with a local expert who can give me some history and insider info about the area

b. Doesn’t matter – as long as I get to the game (or tournament or race, etc.) on time

c. I just need to be close to the beach and close to the music!


3. What’s one luxury “add-on” experience you’d like to include?

a. Dinner catered by a renowned chef

b. Golf lessons with a pro

c. A VIP party with a private musical performance

4. What’s the setting look like for your ideal travel experience?

a. Mountains!

b. The location doesn’t matter as much as my seats at the event do

c. There needs to be a beach!


5. What does “VIP” mean to you?

a. Tasting fine wines and meeting celeb chefs

b. Getting the best seats in the house, with all-inclusive food and drinks

c. A spot to take in the show and enjoy a drink without having to fight through the crowd


Mostly A’s – A culinary journey

If you answered mostly A’s, a food and beverage-centric trip would be best for your group. The Catalina Wine Mixer on Catalina Island, California is a terrific backdrop for beach and boat lovers. If the mountainous great outdoors are more your speed, the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen is the event for you. Both of these events will host food and wine experts from all over the world to share their knowledge for a truly memorable experience.


Mostly B’s – All things sports

Whether it’s golf, football, basketball, horse racing, or fine automobiles, Superior has you covered. We offer unique, luxury travel packages to events like the Superbowl, NCAA Final Four, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, Masters and PGA Championship. We can also arrange for your group to play a round of golf or a VIP tour of Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby).


Mostly C’s – Surf, sand, & tunes

If you’re not sure which you love more, country music or the feel of the sand between your toes, you’ve come to the right place. The Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam will not disappoint; with country music’s biggest names headlining and beautiful Panama City Beach as your backdrop, your only concern will be making sure you packed enough sunscreen. You’ll get a similar experience at the Carolina Country Music Fest, with views of the ocean and gorgeous Myrtle Beach.


If you’re looking for an even more laid-back vibe, the Key West Songwriters Festival is the place to be. The island’s motto, “close to perfect, far from normal,” perfectly embodies its relaxed, “come as you are” nature.


The options don’t stop there, though! We know you may want the best of different trips, so our team is ready to plan and customize an unforgettable adventure that brings your travel dreams to life.


If you want to personalize any of our travel packages for a corporate group or create a travel experience that’s all your own, give us a call at (608) 665-9070 or send us a message online.

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