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What’s the first destination on your list when traveling and in-person events pick up again in 2021? Sandy beaches on a private resort, your own suite at a championship game, or the best seats at the country’s hottest music festival? As you begin planning to make your travel dreams a reality, turn to Superior Executive Services. Our team has more than 10 years of experience crafting one-of-a-kind travel experiences to some of the world’s most exclusive sporting and entertainment events.

No matter what your travel goals are, our team is here to help. We’ve put together a list of luxury travel tips to help you start mapping out your next incredible getaway, including:

  1. Consider COVID-19 precautions
  2. Prepare for the unexpected
  3. Reserve top-notch transportation
  4. Book early
  5. Do your research
  6. Plan for the dress code
  7. Don’t be afraid to set a budget.

Keep reading to learn more about our luxury travel tips from the Superior team!

1. Consider COVID-19 precautions

Depending on when you want to travel, you may need to make some adjustments to account for COVID-19-related safety precautions. Here are just a few of our suggestions to ensure you have a safe, healthy time on your trip:

  • Book a private jet or buy tickets for a “hop on” jet service (the convenience of private air travel at commercial rates) to reduce how much time you spend in airports and around other travelers. Because of a sharp drop in air travel during the pandemic, private flights are now much more accessible. Many hotels also offer private flights as part of their accommodation packages to ease worries about additional exposure to COVID-19.
  • Choose your luxury accommodations thoughtfully. Stay at a small or boutique hotel that can more easily manage and meet safety and cleaning protocols. Book a resort where rooms are more spread out in cabins or villas, reducing the potential for exposure from other guests. Or enjoy total privacy with a whole-home rental, where you can still enjoy amenities like a private pool or dedicated kitchen space without running into any strangers. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable and able to relax wherever you choose to stay. We suggest this expert advice on exploring your options and how to mitigate risk.
  • When planning your itinerary, select events where you can confirm the hosts will implement thorough COVID-19 safety precautions (e.g., contactless payment and check-in, required face coverings, socially-distanced seating). We recommend concerts or performances held outdoors and with reduced capacity; booking a private suite at sporting events; or renting out bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues for a private night with family or friends.

If you have additional questions, our expert team includes a certified Pandemic Compliance Advisor trained in ensuring that COVID-19 safety protocols are effectively communicated, implemented, and carried out during in-person events.

2. Prepare for the unexpected

Even under normal circumstances, the seasoned traveler knows to expect the unexpected: delays, cancellations, a missing ticket or ID, even theft. Make sure you bring extra copies of important documents and opt for trip insurance. When you book with Superior Executive Services, you can count on our connections and ability to swiftly assist you with any unforeseen setbacks. Whether it’s an issue with transportation, your hotel, or a restaurant reservation, one call to Superior will get your trip back on track.

3. Reserve top-notch transportation

When your ideal vacation includes thousands of other people (say, at the Kentucky Derby), planning ahead and securing professional transportation will save you from being stuck in traffic later. Superior can book full-service transport throughout your stay with companies who know the ins and outs of the city and how to avoid police barricades and vast crowds of pedestrians.

4. Book early

The best of the best events always sell out first, especially as many businesses and venues limit capacity to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. If you want to secure tickets, luxury accommodations, and reservations at the best restaurants during a major event, we recommend booking at least 6-8 months in advance.

5. Do your research

Every exclusive party or VIP hospitality area has its own ambiance and setting. Some events host indoor banquet-style events, while others offer an outdoor resort-style atmosphere. If you have a preference, do your research to see what’s available before booking – at the Masters, for example, where many attendees would prefer to be outside, many of the hospitality events are held indoors. Our team can help you secure tickets to the best events to fit your preferences, so your experience is not only enjoyable but one-of-a-kind.

6. Plan for the dress code

No one wants to be far from home and realize their suitcase is full of the wrong clothing. Before booking your trip, consider the dress code and whether you’re comfortable getting decked out (and donning a posh hat) to attend the Kentucky Derby, for example. Here at Superior Executive Services, we’re happy to give you dress code guidance for any of the major events you may want to attend.

7. Don’t be afraid to set a budget

There are many ways to enjoy an incredible travel adventure without breaking the bank. Set a budget and let Superior build a vacation you can brag about; we’ll be upfront and honest if your ideas don’t fit with your chosen budget. If cost is not a concern, Superior can enhance your experience with luxury amenities like a private chef, live music, entertainment for private parties, and more. The sky’s the limit!

When it comes to luxury travel, Superior Executive Services can make it happen if you can imagine it. Call us today at 608.665.9070 or contact us online to start designing your next first-class vacation package.

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