How to Choose a Luxury Hotel

Know what to look for before booking your next luxury hotel stay.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, staying at a well-appointed hotel has the power to elevate the entire experience. There’s nothing worse than booking a hotel, expecting a certain level of comfort and being woefully disappointed after check-in. Before clicking “book now,” here are a few items to consider to ensure you’re getting everything you want and more during your hotel stay.

Design and Ambiance

Traditional elegance, mid-century modern, boho-chic — there are endless interior design styles. Deciding what you’re looking for and the type of atmosphere you enjoy while traveling can help narrow down your hotel options. Not all luxury hotels are created equal — a hotel with a Scandinavian minimalist design will have a distinctly different atmosphere than a 1920’s art deco hotel. Pay particular attention to the lighting in the photos and videos on the hotel’s website. Great lighting design can make a world of difference. 

Location, Location, Location

Maybe you need a hotel that’s right downtown, close to all the action and whatever event you’re in town for, or maybe you need a hotel that’s a little further outside the city where, instead of the city skyline, the view from your room is the 18th green of an award-winning golf course. Be sure to check out the area around your hotel and the estimated time it’ll take to get from there to whatever you have planned during your stay!

Unique Services & Experiences

Concierge service at luxury hotels nowadays must go above and beyond simply booking dinner reservations or calling a taxi for its guests. For example, a hotel near New York’s Times Square offers a Broadway experience for its youngest guests, which includes a trunk of dress-up clothes from shows like “Aladdin,” “Frozen,” and “Harry Potter” as well as a Broadway-themed afternoon tea. Skiing the French Alps is nice and all, but how about an opportunity to spend the day on the slopes with an Olympic medalist followed by an apres-ski beverage? Or maybe a simple couples massage and private dinner will suffice.  

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, ask the hotel’s concierge what services they offer — you may be pleasantly surprised!

Room Service Menu

Another luxury accommodations tip is to check the room service menu. If it’s a very limited menu (or worse, there’s no room service at all), that can be a red flag that the hotel may not be up to par. After a long day of sightseeing or client meetings, you deserve a hot meal and a cold beverage brought to you in the comfort of your hotel room!

Bath Amenities

It’s the little luxuries that set a good hotel apart from a spectacular hotel. It may seem silly but, it’s worth calling the hotel’s concierge to inquire about the brand of towels and toiletries they offer. Fluffy bathrobes are a must and bonus points for a towel warmer in the bathroom.

Business Amenities & WiFi

When staying at a luxury hotel, fast and reliable WiFi should be included in the price of the room. Will you need access to a printer, copier, or fax machine during your stay? Make sure the hotel has a business center with working equipment. 

Read Reviews

Of course, this seems like a no-brainer. But take it a step further by asking family and friends! Your best friend who travels constantly is a far more trustworthy source than an anonymous Internet poster. 

Our networks can only take us so far though, that’s where the professionals at Superior Executive Services truly shine. Our expertise in luxury hotels is unparalleled in the travel industry, and we would be thrilled to create the best possible trip for you.  

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