7 Fun Facts About Cannes Film Festival

Learn all about one of cinema’s glitziest celebrations ahead of the 2022 festival.

For two weeks each year, the film world’s best and brightest (plus the biggest names in Hollywood) flock to the French Riviera to celebrate the best in cinema. This landmark event is truly one of our most unique travel offerings.

In preparation for this year’s event, let’s learn some fun facts about the famed Cannes Film Festival!

  1. Red carpet roll-out
  2. Media frenzy
  3. Making the Palme d’Or
  4. International inclusion
  5. Political turmoil
  6. Big budget
  7. Female winners

Keep reading to learn more about these Cannes trivia facts!

Red Carpet Roll-Out

The Cannes Film Festival quite literally rolls out the red carpet for its attendees. The festival organizers use about two kilometers of red carpet over the course of the event and change the carpets three times each day to keep them clean and looking picture-perfect.

Media Frenzy

Each year, Cannes draws between 3,000 and 4,000 journalists and over 200,000 filmmakers, actors, agents, and fans from all over the world making it the second-largest media event after the Olympics.

Making the Palme d’Or

The highest prize awarded at Cannes is the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm), which was created in 1955 when festival organizers asked jewelers to submit designs for the trophy for the top award. Since 1997, Swiss brand Chopard has been tasked with manufacturing the award. It is made of 18 karat gold and is valued at roughly $22,000, though most in the film industry would say the Palme d’Or is indeed priceless.

The Palm d’Or is typically awarded to just one film each year, but occasionally the festival jury’s vote ends in a tie resulting in multiple films receiving the prestigious award.

International Inclusion

In 2010, movies in six new languages were added to the Cannes Film Festival roster to highlight its international character.

Political Turmoil

The first-ever Cannes Film Festival (then called the Festival International du Film) was halted just two days after it began in 1939 because of Germany’s invasion of Poland just the day before. The festival returned in 1946 with a whopping 11 Palm d’Or awards handed out after the six-year hiatus.

In 1968, the festival was shut down halfway through due to political turmoil stemming from violent demonstrations, looting, and labor strikes.

Big Budget

While many of the films that premiere at Cannes are smaller independent films, the festival costs €20 million (about $22 million) to put on. Roughly half of the budget comes from public funding, while the other half is from group contributions and the Official Partners. The festival’s 2022 partners include iconic luxury brands like BMW and Chopard and new brands geared toward a younger audience like TikTok.

Female Winners

Only two women have won the esteemed Palme d’Or — Jane Campion first won for her highly-acclaimed film, The Piano, in 1993. Nearly 30 years later, in 2021, Julia Ducournau won for her film Titane.

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