FAQs About Pro Sports Bag Policies

Find out what you can bring and what you should leave behind.

You’ve got your VIP tickets in hand and your jersey on — you’re all set to attend that sporting event, right?


But there’s just one more detail to think about before you head to the stadium: the bag policy.


Pro sports bag policies may differ from venue to venue, but many of them have similar rules that you’ll need to abide by if you want to get inside. Check out these FAQs about pro sports bag policies before you head out!


What should I bring with me to a professional sporting event?

To minimize the risk of being turned away at the gate, it’s best to pack light. Bring your cell phone, tickets, and toiletries you think you might need during the game (sunscreen, chapstick, etc.), and your wallet. If your event is outdoors, you may also be able to bring in a jacket or extra layers in case of cold or inclement weather.


What should I not bring with me to a professional sporting event?

Most stadiums will not allow you inside with firearms or other weapons, large bags or backpacks, strollers, coolers, umbrellas, food, beverages, camera bags, or non-approved seat cushions.


What kind of bag can I bring in?

Many pro sports bag policies these days allow attendees to bring in very small clutch-style bags (around the size of your hand) or small clear bags like gallon plastic storage bags or clear team-branded tote bags.


In fact, most stadiums encourage fans not to bring any type of bag at all and only carry what they can fit in their pockets. This can also expedite your entry — without needing event staff to search your bag, you’ll fly through the security checkpoint.


What happens if I try to enter the stadium with a non-approved bag or item?

In the best case scenario, you’ll be turned away. In some cases, security might instruct you to discard the item or even the bag if you want to enter and have nowhere on site to store your non-approved items.


Will the sports bag policies vary by league and stadium?

In most cases, yes! For example, the NFL has its own Stadium Game Day bag policy, but to be safe you should check with your specific stadium to see if they have any individual policies. For other sports or venues, visit their website or search for the event name and “bag policy” to see specific instructions.


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