FAQs About Our Corporate Travel Experiences

Our expert team shares everything you’ve wanted to know about corporate travel.
Trust our team to create unforgettable corporate travel experiences for your organization.

Does hosting a corporate travel experience make sense for your company? Put simply – yes! Companies across all industries and of all sizes can benefit from hosting a corporate travel event, whether it’s for clients and prospective clients or valued employees.

It may seem overwhelming, but we would be glad to help guide you through the process of planning a worthwhile, fun, and constructive corporate outing.

Our team of experts at Superior Executive Services has answered a few commonly asked questions about corporate travel experiences to get you started.

Q: What activities should I include?

A: Depending on how long the trip will be, you’ll want to have one or two signature group events such as a sporting event, a food festival, or a concert. A few popular events we book for corporate groups include the Kentucky Derby, the Food & Wine Classic, the Catalina Wine Mixer, and the Stagecoach Music Festival. Having a big event centered around your trip will make it that much more special for your group.

You’ll want to schedule a few team-building activities as well, but also allow for some downtime and relaxation. Consider offering a spa option, an opportunity to hit the golf course, or a wine and spirits tasting.

Q: When should I start planning?

A: The sooner, the better! Ideally, you will want to start planning the trip at least a few months ahead of time, and you’ll want to give your group as much advance notice as possible so they can accommodate their schedules as needed.

There also may be incentives for booking earlier with certain hotels and airlines. If your travel group is large enough, you might consider chartering a private flight. You may be surprised to find that a charter flight offers far more convenience and flexibility relative to the additional cost.

Q: How do I plan a trip like this?

A: The “how” is a bit more complicated as traveling with a larger group requires more planning and logistics, so you should allow plenty of lead time. You will want to create an itinerary, coordinate travel logistics–both getting to/from your destination and then local travel once you arrive, reserve accommodations, make dining arrangements, and a whole lot more.

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated employee who deals with travel planning, our team is happy to handle everything for you — with Superior, all you have to do is show up!

Q: How long should the trip be?

A: Generally, four or five days is sufficient, but if you can only spare three days out of the office, you can still host a meaningful trip. If you’re allowing your employees or clients to bring their families, you can certainly extend the trip, but if not, you should be mindful of personal commitments back at home.

Let the experts at Superior Executive Services help you plan a fantastic corporate travel experience. Contact us today at 608.665.9070 or send us a message online to get started!

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