FAQs About Corporate Travel Planning with Superior

Get the scoop on our corporate travel experiences.

Corporate travel is a terrific way to ensure time out of the office with employees and colleagues or with customers and prospective clients. If you’re not familiar with corporate travel, it may seem like a big project to take on, but the benefit of booking with Superior Executive Services is that we take care of just about everything! We’ll gather your input about location and big picture items, and then we’ll take it from there.


Read on for some FAQs about corporate travel planning with Superior.


Q: How many people should I bring?


A: It’s really up to you — there are certainly benefits to a group of any size. A smaller group will allow for more personal and meaningful interactions as well as activities tailored to each person’s particular interests, but it may not include all of the people you hope to reach.


A larger group will, of course, include a more diverse group of people but may not allow for much time to get to know everyone. We can plan trips for corporate groups of just about any size — we’re happy to run through options to help you decide what size and kind of trip your organization would benefit from the most.


Q: Who should I bring?


A: You can bring employees for some out-of-work time as a team or clients and prospects to learn more about their priorities and how your organization can best serve them. You may also consider inviting the clients or prospects to bring their spouses or children as well. If you do so, keep in mind that you’ll also want to include spouse- or kid-specific activities. It’s generous and thoughtful to include family members, but just know that it will likely change the dynamic of the trip.


Q: What activities should I include?


A: First, you’ll want to think about what you hope to accomplish on the trip. If the goal is to impress clients or prospective clients, attending a high-profile event like the Kentucky Derby or the Aspen Food & Wine Classic will surely accomplish that. We can arrange VIP passes for the Food & Wine Classic or luxury accommodations for the Derby to watch all the action from an exclusive suite.


If the goal is team building and camaraderie for your employees, we recommend a group dinner with a private chef with an optional wine tasting. We can also arrange a golf outing, spa day, or tickets to a sporting event. Whatever you think your team would enjoy, we can customize your package to include it!


Q: What kind of accommodations should I book?


A: We recommend hotel rooms for each attendee. After a long and exciting day of activities with the group, most people will be eager for an opportunity to rest and recharge in their own way. If you have a larger or fairly close group, we can also arrange a private home rental with space for socializing and dining together.


Ready to break out of your normal work retreat routine and treat your employees or clients to something extraordinary? Let the experts at Superior Executive Services help you with your corporate travel planning. Contact us today at (608) 665-9070, or send us a message to start planning!


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