4 Corporate Travel Mistakes You Might Be Making

Solve these common missteps with Superior!

Planning and executing a corporate travel retreat for your team or your clients is no small feat; you’ll have to take into account travel logistics, lodging, food and beverages, any special events your group would like to attend, create and plan for team bonding activities, transportation around your venue, and more. Whew — that’s a lot to keep track of!

With so many different moving parts to plan and the hassle of scheduling activities for such a large group, there are bound to be mistakes or mishaps on your trip. That’s not a great look when you’re trying to win over clients! We’ve compiled a list of the top corporate travel mistakes we usually see companies make, and how to avoid them.

The most common corporate travel mistakes to be aware of are:

  1. Planning on short notice
  2. Mistakes in itineraries or reservations
  3. Overscheduling activities
  4. Transportation troubles

If you’re ready to get into these common missteps (and find the solution), let’s get started.

Planning on short notice

The first common corporate travel mistake is booking too late. Just like your personal travel, you’ll have more options for your business travel when you book earlier. Booking well in advance is especially important when you have a large group of people!

When you’re traveling with a large corporate group or a selection of current or potential clients, you want to be able to have the best seating options, restaurant reservations, and more. Booking at least six months in advance ensures that those locations can accommodate a larger group flawlessly.

Mistakes in itineraries or reservations

Your company may not have a designated person whose full-time job is booking travel for your company, clients, or potential clients. This means you don’t have an expert creating your hotel reservations, booking your event or activity tickets, or making dinner plans, so those responsibilities fall to you. We’re all human, and mistakes can happen, especially when someone doesn’t create these large plans every week or has other work to handle! Incorrect reservations are the most common corporate travel mistake we see, so we highly recommend booking with an expert team like Superior to avoid any snafus!

Overscheduling activities

Another error is overscheduling activities for your team or clients; many people think that booking wall-to-wall events or activities is the way to go on a business trip. While it’s true you should maximize your time, there is such a thing as booking too many events and burning out your team or clients! Making sure you have some downtime and time to travel between locations is important. At Superior, we have decades of travel planning experience and understand how to create a custom itinerary that works for your team.

Transportation troubles

Finally, getting to and from your hotel, events, and restaurants can be a hassle if you don’t book private transportation in advance. You’ll be trying to find enough ride-shares or taxis for your large group, split everyone up, and deal with traffic — it can become a mess, quickly. Making sure all transportation is handled in advance (like with a private driver provided by Superior) is a small detail that can show if you’ve really thought through all the small things for your clients.

How you can fix these corporate travel mistakes

A great, easy, and convenient way to combat all of these common errors is to use a corporate travel agency like Superior Executive Services. When you work with Superior, you’ll be getting a team that is dedicated and experienced at planning large corporate trips that will run without a hitch! We will schedule your activities, events (with VIP tickets and premium hospitality), private transportation, and more.

If you’re tired of having these corporate travel mistakes hanging over your head, reach out to our team today! We can create a customized itinerary to one of these world-class events for your team or clients or help you plan an entirely custom travel experience.

To hear from a previous Superior customer who has worked with our team to plan client trips, check out this video testimonial!

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