5 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Team

Explore these corporate outings to celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

Use corporate outings to recognize employees and celebrate after big company deadlines.

We all crave a change of scenery now and then. A corporate outing is a perfect way to build team camaraderie away from the conference room and reward employees for a job well done (especially now, for enduring more than a year of working remotely or in uncertain conditions).

There are limitless luxury destinations near and far where you can travel as a team and plenty of occasions to celebrate, too:

  1. Employee recognition
  2. Team bonding
  3. Refresh and relax
  4. Education and training
  5. Holidays and milestones

Read on for more corporate event ideas and inspiration.

Employee recognition

An incentive trip is a unique way to reward dedicated employees for reaching significant goals or going above and beyond. Travel rewards have a positive impact on employee loyalty, engagement, and productivity.

You might also invite the entire staff on an elite getaway as a way to say “thank you” for increasing sales or after a successful product launch. Or, gather everyone together in a unique location for an awards ceremony honoring top achievers and long-time employees.

Team bonding

Every manager knows regular team building is essential to boost morale and improve performance. Corporate travel shows you appreciate your employees and that you’re committed to their growth as individuals and as part of the larger team. A relaxed setting away from the office opens people up to honest communication, and even simple team-building exercises or activities can strengthen group dynamics and understanding.

A corporate event also allows people to mix and mingle in different groups and create new connections. This new opportunity to socialize can help build and maintain a strong corporate or inter-departmental dynamic better than a few minutes in the breakroom chatting about weekend plans.

Refresh and relax

Even a short escape can help employees reduce stress and return to work energized and motivated. An organized corporate retreat shows that you care about your team’s mental health and can be especially beneficial and welcome after an intense sprint to a deadline or big event.

Education and training

A new environment can stir creativity and unlock big ideas. Consider a corporate outing for your next seminar or staff training to give employees a fresh perspective away from the usual distractions. Off-site sessions tend to be more memorable, allowing for better focus, critical thinking, and inspiration.  

Holidays and milestones

Sure, you could just order a cake and send an email blast. But holidays and milestones — such as the end of the year or the company’s anniversary — are often better commemorated outside of work. Celebrate together on a corporate outing to show appreciation and give employees a chance to unwind and build meaningful relationships with one another.

Whether you’re looking to bond over a round of golf or soak up the sun on a tropical island, Superior Executive Services will work closely with you to craft a fun, festive, and productive corporate outing. 

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