Your Guide to Private Charter Flight Rates

When travelers and vacationers think of luxurious and stressless travel, certain ideas come to their mind. For some, it might be a private car on a train traveling through the Swiss Alps. Maybe they dream of sailing the high seas on an exclusive boating trip with a crew to attend to your every need.

But for many people, the premier method of getting from point A to point B comes from private chartered flights. Sailing and riding the rails in a luxurious boxcar are undeniably luxurious modes of travel but being able to efficiently get to your destination while experiencing the privacy of a jet plane is unrivaled.

Charter flights come in many different forms, but all travelers who partake in charter flights benefit from increased privacy. In our guide to charter flights, we will be looking at general charter topics and what you should expect. If you’re ready to experience luxury and relaxation in one of the most efficient and easy modes of transportation, be sure to contact Superior Executive Services.

Charter Flights

There are a variety of different types of charter flights, but as we stated earlier, all charter flights benefit from increased privacy. Instead of wandering through massive, overcrowded airports and terminals, you can board at a fixed-base operator (FBO) terminal. These private areas of the airport let you skip the crowds of the main terminals, with some FBOs allowing for personal transportation up to the door of the plane.

Another universal benefit of having a chartered flight is that you can expect greater luxuries on your flight as compared to traveling on a major airline. On most chartered flights, especially if they are on a jet, you can pre-arrange certain food to be served to you on the flight.

Most charter planes also have satellite TV and WiFi, so you can stay connected to the world, even when you’re miles above ground. You can also expect some of the comfiest and roomiest accommodations on your chartered flight. You won’t have to worry about annoying travelers next to you or a screaming baby — chartered flights are incredibly relaxing and provide a reprieve from the stress and anxiety of modern life.

When navigating the world of chartered flights, it is important to recognize that there are essentially three different ways to book your chartered flight.

Charter Brokers

Arguably one of the best ways to experience a chartered flight, charter brokers will essentially arrange and coordinate chartered flights. Charter brokers work for the customer, rather than for a charter operator. Their number one goal is to make sure you have a safe, enjoyable, and private flight.

Charter brokers will take care of any logistical issues that might arise during your travel, and they will work to have competitive rates. If you want to leave the hassle of planning and hunting for competitive rates between different charter operators, be sure to hire a charter broker to do any of your chartered flights.

Charter Operators

If you want to be more hands-on with your planning, working with charter operators will give you the flexibility to choose who you fly with. Charter operators typically own or lease fleets, and they hire pilots — or sometimes it is a single entity with the pilot owning his or her own plane.

Make sure that if you decide to work directly with charter operators, you ensure that they are licensed and certified. Working with a broker will ensure that you only use certified operators, but if you are doing it yourself, you will have to do your own research and verification.

Jet Cards

Jet cards are a relatively new business model that is offered by both brokers and operators. Think of a jet card as a pre-paid card that you can spend with an operator or broker for a chartered flight. There is usually a “menu” where you can pick different planes and sizes with corresponding hourly rates.

If you know that you will be traveling frequently on chartered flights, having a jet card is not a bad deal. However, by working with charter brokers, you can develop a relationship with the broker so that he or she knows exactly what you want from your private chartered flight experience.

Choosing a Charter Broker

When choosing a charter broker, you don’t want to get ripped off or taken advantage of. Many charter brokers have only the best intentions, but as with all industries, there are some rotten apples out there. When looking for a reliable charter broker, look into any reviews or ask the charter broker for some references.

If you want to skip the hassle of hunting for references and reviews, go with a trusted charter broker like Superior Executive Services. Whether you’re planning travel for a vacation, a business trip, or a sporting event, Superior Executive Services has you covered. Our professional travel agents will make sure everything is taken care of, and that you don’t have to worry about any logistical issues that may come up during your travels.

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