5 Business Travel Tips for Entertaining Clients

Help everyone in your group – especially clients – have a fantastic travel experience.

When it comes to winning over clients, nothing makes an impression quite like getting to know them on a trip. Traveling with new or current clients helps your organization make a fantastic impression and establishes far stronger relationships than phone calls, video meetings, or meetings in your conference room ever could.

If you’re considering taking clients on a trip, the team at Superior has you covered with these business travel tips for entertaining clients on the road:

  1. Book your trip, accommodations, and activities in advance
  2. Carefully plan your itinerary
  3. Create a fantastic first impression
  4. Follow their lead
  5. Be prepared for anything

Let’s dive right into these business travel tips for entertaining clients on a trip or event!

Book your trip, accommodations, and activities in advance

There’s really nothing worse than promising clients a trip to a world-class sporting event like the Kentucky Derby or reservations at the hottest new restaurant at your destination only to find they’re booked up. Take the time to figure out where you’d like to take clients well in advance and book your flights, accommodations, restaurant reservations, and event tickets as soon as you can. Better yet, partner with a travel expert like the team at Superior Executive Services to handle all of that for you!

Carefully plan your itinerary

Your client and their preferences should be at the center of everything you do on this trip. Don’t book a golf excursion if your client would rather go wine tasting! Talk with your client to get to know them and create a completely personalized itinerary full of activities and events they’re sure to enjoy.

Create a fantastic first impression

If you’re traveling with new or prospective clients, consider this trip your first impression — and first impressions matter. Show up to your meeting location on time, dressed well, and fully prepared to hit the ground running.

Follow their lead

This trip, ultimately, is all about your client. Check in with them often to see how they’re doing, and be sure to take your social queues from them. Is it clear they don’t want to talk shop while on the trip? Then don’t! Do they seem to want to stay away from alcohol or enjoy a few drinks with dinner?  Follow their lead — and above all, stay professional and in control.

Be prepared for anything

Here’s one of our most important business travel tips: as with any trip, it’s best to be prepared for any unseen bumps in the road. Don’t let an interruption or issue sidetrack your experience entirely, but be ready to go with the flow and project a cool, collected appearance to your client in case things go wrong.

Want to make a truly fantastic impression on your next experience traveling with clients? These business travel tips can help, but the team at Superior Executive Services can ensure your trip is planned to a T and goes great.

Whether you want to treat key clients to a weekend at a golf event like the Masters Tournament, or enjoy a world-class culinary experience at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, Superior has luxury travel packages that are sure to win them over.

Contact us today online or at 608.665.9070 to start planning your next corporate travel experience!

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