Benefits of Flying Charter Flights

At Superior Executive Services, we strive to be at the forefront of corporate entertainment and hospitality. Not only do we do this through all-inclusive packages to prestigious sporting events—like the Masters, Kentucky Derby, and luxury golf vacations—but we also offer our clients dependable and luxurious private flights.

Read on to learn about five of the advantages of booking a charter flight.


When you book a flight with a regular commercial airline, you have to tailor your schedule based on flight availability. When you charter a plane for your private use, however, you get to be at the helm of your itinerary. You not only get to choose the time and location, but because charter flights can land at smaller airports your range of possible destinations is significantly expanded.


If you have ever flown first class and thought you experienced luxury, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Flying on a private airplane is the epitome of luxury. Although not all private flights are luxurious, at Superior Executive Services, we extensively vet our charter partners to make sure they offer the air chartering services that live up to our high expectation. We can stock the plane with all of your requests—within reason. And unlike commercial flights where a handful of stewardesses have to service all of those onboard, in a private jet rental, your charter experts will be focused on catering to solely you and your guests’ needs.


This is probably one of the greatest advantages of chartering a plane. Whether you are discussing private matters or simply want seclusion, having your own private aircraft affords unbeatable privacy. Additionally, because you and your chosen guests are the only ones on the plane, you’ll have the luxury of not having to confine your possession to overhead storage or under your seat. You can spread your laptop and possession around the cabin as though it is your private office.


As we mentioned, when you charter a private aircraft, you take the hassle out of flying. Not only do you not need to arrive at the airport 2 hours early, but you also get to skip the crowded waits for departure. And because chartered aircrafts can land at almost any airport in the world, your flight schedule can accommodate to your itinerary—not the other way around. And once on board, you are able to work in a comfortable environment free of all distractions, therefore, maximizing productivity.


In addition to the above-listed reason, convenience is certainly one of the main reasons why so many executives and CEOs opt for charter flights. The process of flying from a commercial airport can be both time-consuming and a major hassle. Along with having to check in your bags and hope they arrive with your plane, there are also long waits, airport security lines, delayed flights, and hordes of people. These pains can all be eliminated when you charter a private jet. 

If you think that charter flights are just reserved for CEOs and millionaires, you may be pleasantly surprised to find how affordable they actually are. Whether you want to rent a jet or a private helicopter, we can take the complexity out of chartering a private aircraft and ensure that your trip is tailored to meet your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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